Starfall, the WiiU Protection Program

wiiu softmodThis time, I will upload more screenshots to properly let you know how to install starfall as it is not very easy and little confusing. The notebox problem with the images will also get solved this time as I have downloaded firefox now. Once I get to know how to add a collaborator, I will try to collaborate thundaboy1047 with this tutorial. But if you strictly stick to my instructions and use a WiiU purchased in USA and use this wad then there is nothing to worry about. I hope this served you as a good help. I will also upload more screenshots later. The procedure for starfall download is here. You must have an archive manager that supports rar as it is a .rar type of file. If you don’t have one, then google for winrar. It is only a trial version with 40 day free period so it will work for now but if you want something permanent then google for unpacker.

Now, let me bring Starfall to you! If you have a homebrew hackjhob which works with 3.3 or 3.4 then unfortunately starfall is not for you as it will break your WiiU simply. So just don’t try it, your WiiU will never work again. That is what I have heard.

Install it only on system menu of 3.2. It does not delete the system menu but only patches it. This means that you need to reactivate all of the hacks if you install a new cios. To install Starfall, make a new folder called ‘starfall’ in your apps folder. The ‘starfall’ folder must have boot.dol inside. After this, launch the homebrew channel. To continue, it will tell you to press 1 but it won’t work. Actually you need to press 1 and 2 twice. The reason behind this is not clear but maybe it is because the warning refers both 1 and 2 and also says think twice. So, both of them need to be pressed twice in a row. After completing the installation, just restart your WiiU and again run starfall. Now, the hacks can be enabled on your WiiU.

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In case of a banner brick, you can recover your WiiU by using hacks like load recovery menu (when y is pressed on first gamecube controller) and also the remove rescue menu diagnostic disk check. If the diagnostic check is removed, then any game can be booted instead of the one disk which comes with Nintendo’s signature and is used to find out how you manipulated your WiiU. You should buy a gamecube controller if you don’t have one as they are available cheap. The gamecube has become obsolete now and they can be easily picked up for $5 or $10 from a local gamestop. Thanks for giving your time and reading this. I will definitely come again with more pictures which will easily and exactly explain whole of the procedure. So if you don’t understand it now, just wait a little bit more.

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